Smile Again Block B Project
Smile Again Block B Project - please read and pass around!

Hey guys and girls!

Recently, I’ve been seeing amazing support songs and videos for Block B flying around. So my friend Marisa and I have come up with an idea for a music/performance support project called Smile Again Block B!

Marisa and I will be splitting this project into two formats - CD and DVD and we will be sending them both to Block B!

So if you dance, sing, rap, songwrite and you want to show your support to Block B then please feel free to do so! You can do it in audio or video, maybe even both ^^!

The information for the CD -

This will include covers that people have done of their songs or original songs that people have written. It doesn’t even have to be support songs, it can be any song that you guys have done which you think will make Block B smile.

The information for the DVD -

This will mainly include Block B dance covers, video messages that you will like to send to the boys, performances that you have done of your chosen song.

Information for people who are sending video messages -

Maximum time for your message will be a minute. You can say whatever you like (as long as it’s nice and supportive to the seven boys hehe!) it doesn’t have to be in Korean but if you would like to speak a little bit of your language (e.g saying ‘I love you’ or ‘I support you’) then please feel free to! Also make sure you include your name and where you are from.

Information on CD/DVD booklet -

We are also thinking of putting together a booklet with the CD/DVD of everyone who has participated’s pictures and little messages to the boys! Singers/rappers - if you submit your original song, we will put your lyrics in the booklet too if you would like us to! ^_^

People who are shy of making a video but still would like to participate in this, you can send us your support message and picture and we’ll make sure it’s included! :D

Deadline for all submissions will be: 18th March.

E-mail links, recordings, messages and pictures etc to:

Oooh and if you could please pass this message on to anyone you think will be interested, that will be very much appreciated! We want to get as many people involved as we can!

Oh and also this project is not just limited to BBCs, any fandom can join in if they wish to! :D

Thank you,

Marisa and Julia