Smile Again Block B Project
Hello everyone~

The submissions we have received so far have been wonderful! Thank you to the senders ^^

There is still time to send in your submissions! The deadline is today but we will extend it if needs be :)

Again, all the information you need to know about the project is on here:

Please pass it around if you haven’t already, hit the inbox if you need to know anymore and most of all, have fun with it :)

Hey guys, you realise tomorrow is the deadline right?

Hehe, if you haven’t sent us anything yet, please do submit now! :)

Only 7 days left until the deadline for submissions!
Hey guys, there’s only 13 days left for submissions!

If you dance, sing, rap, draw, write and you want to show your support to Block B in any of those forms then please do so! ^_^

If you want to send a support message, picture/video of yourself to Block B then please feel free to do so too!

E-mail your submissions to:

Further details and more information can be read here:

Thank you!

16 days left to submit your music, videos and messages to Smile Again Block B!